1. You do not want to miss a call?

Damalisk answers calls with a greeting announcement and your customers will wait while you are busy.

  1. Stop the expensive bills

Damalisk optimizes call routing to the best use of your calling plans.

  1. I want to listen to  my messages out of my workplace?

Damalisk voicemail sends you your e-voicemail.

  1. How can I receive calls on my cell phone?

Damalisk can ring your cell phone together with your internal extension wherever you are.

  1. You want to professionalize incoming calls?

The attendant Damalisk T26 is designed for intuitive management of the calls.

  1. You do not have an attendant?

Damalisk automates a simple routing of incoming calls!

  1. You want to handle calls differently at night?

You can choose how to manage calls at night (and day) for each line: answering only mode, answering & recording mode, auto attendant, Voicemail, ...

  1. Your business may grow in the near future?

Damalisk follows the evolution of your business and can connect 1-7 lines and manage 4 to 18 positions.

  1. You want to welcome your clients in an original way?

All announcements can be recorded in a studio (or by a member of the company) and will be uploaded to Damalisk.

  1. You want information about your installation?

All information is available on www.damalisk.com/wiki.

  1. You want to use your fax without additional line?

During the broadcast of the greeting, the integrated switchfax Damalisk detects fax calls and routes them to your fax.

  1. You want to keep your phones?

Damalisk is compatible with standard phones, so you can connect your wired analog phones, DECT or others on your system.

  1. You want to monitor your installation?

From your usual browser, you see the status of lines and extensions, and you can initiate calls in association with your telephone set.

  1. You are anxious of being hacked?

Damalisk has secure access according to call barring customizable tables.

  1. How to manage doorphone calls?

Doorphone call is ringing statiextensions of your choice from which you can open the door.

  1. The installation will not fit it in my workplace?

The Damalisk box is discrete and very greedy in power.

  1. Can I use the company's lines remotely?

When recorded in the services tables, Damalisk will call you back to connect you with your customers, or allow you to forward your calls on your mobile.

  1. Programming is complex?

Management by Damalisk browser is simple and straightforward.

  1. Will I have a subscription that binds me to an operator?

You can keep your current operator and subscript to other operators in VoIP, ISDN or analog.

  1. Can I control my calls?

From the webuser of Damalisk you can download the details of your communications and make an explicit statement.