29 May

The connected objects with EnOcean technology

The connected objects with EnOcean technology

No wires - No batteries

The functions of these objects connected (wireless, battery-free) are provided :

  • to detect an intrusion by occupancy sensors, contact sensors and opening sensors
  • to report an intrusion into your premises (call, email, SMS)
  • to measure and to regulate the temperature in your office or house
  • to measure the power consumption of a device or group of devices
  • to warn in case of smoke detection
  • to measure humidity
  • to measure and regulate the brightness
  • to control lighting and shutters
  • to control the installation locally and remotely
  • ...
  • All objects are controlled by our central and interact the way you want with a simple configuration from a tablet or PC.
  • Damalisk is partner of Alliance EnOcean 
  • See the EnOcean video

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