19 Jan

LoRa technology

LoRa technology

Home Automation 3.0 Wireless - Long Range

LoRa, "long range" is a technology that allows :

  • Reducing the energy consumption of connected objects by exchanging small data at low bit rate on the 868MHz band.
  • Being very economical for the end user, and having excellent penetration capacity of buildings, cellars and basements.
  • Having a theoretical range in suburban area greater than 15km with flows between 0.3 and 22kbps. The transmit power is adaptive.
  • Reducing the energy consumption of appliances, giving them up to 10 years of autonomy.


Damalisk uses the LoRaWAN protocol for applications of seniors and for security (SPSMP, SOS calls ...)

See the LoRa modules in the menu: Products/IoT devicesSVoir la vidéotandard téléphonique et domotique - Centrale téléphonique et domotique - IPBX - PABX - domotique