10 Jun

One number

One number

One number with Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)


When this association function is enabled on an internal phone Damalisk, incoming calls to that phone are directed both to the internal phone and to the mobile, user can answer the call with a either of the phones.

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Callers do not need to know your mobile number but only your direct phone number in your business.

You also can link your internal phone with two external phones (mobile and landline home, for example).

This solution uses the telephone network via a SIP Trunk, and it does not borrow the Internet data network (3G or 4G) of your smartphone. This is the pledge of a good audio quality and maximum operating in open country.

You can also associate a domestic landline and a wireless DECT station.

If you want to temporarily disable this association without deleting it, you can use personal programming from your phone by following the voice prompts of guide : 97 + 1 for the association function.