Voice services

Voice services


Voice features for telephony :

A voice server collects voice messages from callers and sends them by e-mail. It sends a greeting announcement upon receipt of calls then rings stations associated. Customizable music on hold can give information to the callers. Finally it has the automated attendant function that allows to join one service upon ten. A voice guide helps to record the voice announcements and the different configurations (installation and extension).

Voice features for home automation :

Status and any "connected objects" commands are accessed by landline or mobile from the home automation voice server integrated. A voice guide allows you to choose the objects.

Programmable keys on phones can enable and disable actuators such as pull-out receivers.

On some mobiles you can save in your Contacts, an object name and the series of numbers necessary to the home automation voice server to achieve the connected object. You can have the information and simply remote control your connected objects.