Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring


The Damalisk allows to monitor remotely your premises via the connected objects.

By phone with the advantage of fast access :

Alarms : the Damalisk sends phone alarms on landline or mobile phones wherever you are. You are informed the problem detected by a sensor or probe (presence of smoke, CO2, excess of temperature or temperature too low, detection of abnormal moisture, etc.).

Control : from a phone, you have access to the voice server of home automation that you will guide by voice instructions to the objects connected for knowing their status and possibly for performing an activation or desactivation. On some Android mobiles it is possible to save Contacts with the name of the object and a number with the call number followed by the sequence of digits required to go directly to the corresponding object.

VPN access : you have the possibility to have a SIP phone connected remotely to the Damalisk via Internet by VPN (virtual private network), this phone is seen as an internal PBX extension. The phone must be configured with a VPN license and later it can be moved without having to reconfigure. This allows to stay connected for free to the Damalisk and use the advanced features of the Damalisk. Programmable keys can be configured to enable or disable actuators and pullout receivers.

By PC or tablet or Smartphone via Internet : 

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Monitoring : the monitoring of connected objects screen is accessed via the Internet from any terminal with Internet browser. You can also enable or disable actuators such as the pullout receivers or simulate the activation/desactivation of the switches.


Control : all measures of the sensors or probes can be visualized in the form of graphics on a Web site accessible via a Web browser.



permet de raccorder très simplement 1 ou 2 postes distants en toute sécurité, grâce à son serveur VPN intégré.

Il suffit de connecter un poste T50, T38 ou T26 sur la box distante : le poste devient un poste interne de l’installation.