Alarm & Security Server

Alarm & Security Server


 The Damalisk Alarm & Security Server is used in Public Security  (Security of public buildings & campuses like museums, schools, town halls, zoos) and allows:

1) collecting data from the numerous radio sensors:
- safety sensors (detector of opening, contact, intrusion, movement, luminosity ...)
- environmental sensors (smoke, temperature, humidity, water leakage, CO, CO2)
- metrology sensors (energy, luminosity ...)
- manual action sensors (switch, medallion button, etc.)

D50R Photo2

D50R Photo1

2) carrying out actions via Rail-DIN actuators, built-in or nested actuators
- lighting a lamp, a flash light, a siren
- start-up of ventilation
- heating control
- etc.


3) studying, by algorithm, the activities and movements of people in a place by the function of integrated actimetry

4) establishing telephone alerts, e-mails or SMS alerts according to scripts configured with the Web-Manager
In the event of an alert (intrusion, smoke detector, CO, CO2, abnormal temperature ...), the telephone switchboard as a home automation center
Generates a phone call to multiple preprogrammed numbers and broadcasts a message adapted to the type of event.
Calls can be transmitted over multiple media such as fixed lines, SIP lines, GSM lines.

5) recording the alert data in "Cloud"
The results are centralized on a server accessible on the Internet from any terminal with an Internet browser.
The dashboards group the curves of the results over time.
Temporal changes to these curves are readily available to managers if necessary.

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