Specific Precautionary Safety Measures Plan (SPSMP)

The latest texts on the SPSMP "Alert Intrusion" require to review for achieving the SPSMP in "major risks".  

Damalisk provides technical solutions to meet the SPSMP. 


The SPSMP alarm central Damalisk is designed for all middle and high schools taking into account the existing environment:

• Simplified installation by wireless technology
• Simple operation and triggering the alert stop by: Emergency call remotes, discrete switches or not, landline or mobile
• Operations adapted to institutions with ad hoc scenarios telephone calls, sending SMS and emails
• Tele-administration for centralized system management
• Compatibility of alerts broadcasters
• Evolution towards iPBX option to replace your PBX

D50R Photo2D50R Photo1



This system is based on our D60H security server or D50R server, using wireless technologies LoRa and / or EnOcean for improved efficiency and security, integrating the functions:

• Collection of information by fixed buttons and SOS call medallions by intrusion detectors, by calling fixed or mobile phones


• Sending alarms to buzzers with reusability of already installed sensors


• Notification of alarms to telephones (fixed or mobile), SMS, e-mails

CX9020 T

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