Access control

      rfid-acces control-NFC-POE

NFC badge reader (DA12257) provides access control in a room, or secure switching from Absence mode to Presence mode.

Access control

For access control in a room, an EnOcean receiver will control the electric lock of door.
In Presence mode (or Day mode) or without time control, following the positive reading of a badge, the automation system Damalisk control the receiver to open the door.
The name of the holder, the identity of the badge and the timestamp of the badging, are registered in the RFID event file.
The configuration data is stored on the SD card Damalisk, as home automation configuration data, in an RFID-specific configuration file containing the list of registered readers and badges.

It is possible to display the name of the person on a T46 or T48 phoneor on a badge reader with integrated display (option).

Switching from Absence mode to Presence mode by badge
A presence detector is placed near the card reader.
Away mode, following a detection of a presence, the automation system waits during a defined period, an action:
- Either to switch the installation in Presence mode from a telephone,
- Or to present badge in reader if the reader / badge system is set up.
In the absence of action, the installation remains in Absence Mode and the alert procedure is launched.




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